The Jump99 training shoes help to improve many aspects of an athlete, but primarily to improve:



To increase speed, working on improving fast twitch muscle fibers is necessary. It is different and should not be mistaken with slow twitch muscle fibers- which are used for more long distance and endurance running. Fast twitch muscle fibers are used to generate more speed and strength. Training for fast twitch muscle fibers causes quicker fatigue and more time for recovery between workouts. Training this muscle mainly helps with building explosiveness, speed, and strengths, which are all important aspects to improve on for an athlete.


During a vertical jump, the most important muscles to work on are the hamstrings, gluteus maximus, quadriceps, core muscles, and calves. The hamstrings and gluteus maximus are the source of most of the power during a vertical jump as they work to extend the hip after the initial squat. The hamstrings play a vital role as they work to extend and flex the knee. The quadriceps are required to work together with the gluteus maximus and hamstrings as they help to provide a more smooth jump. During a vertical jump, our core is what links our lower and upper body together.Building strength and increasing mass of calf muscles also contribute to an improved vertical jump.


When looking to improve agility, it is essential to work on the hip flexor, hamstrings, and muscles around the hip. Joint flexibility is key to having more agility. Tight muscles restrict the range of motion, limiting the abilities of an athlete in the main physical aspects, including vertical, speed, and of course agility. Having more flexibility allows for a greater range of motion. When working on agility, exercises involving more quickness are become more of a priority. In the end, agility is all about being quick, flexible, and graceful.

With the Jump99 shoes and the workouts provided, improvement in these muscles are guaranteed. These gains will lead to an increase in speed, vertical jump, and agility, which will ultimately improve anyone as an athlete.


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It is important to warm up and stretch out muscles before and after wearing the Jump99 shoes. Everybody has different limits so it is okay to not follow the exact training schedule. There should be an emphasis on the quality and not the quantities of the exercises performed, the form should be correct to maximize results. These factors are important to consider to avoid injury while using the shoes. A 30 second to 1 minute rest period can be taken in between each set. It is recommended to not train more than 4 times a week as your muscles need time to fully repair after each workout.